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Vedantu: Leveraging Technology to Deliver Quality Education at Scale in India

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Vedantu was launched with a mission to provide technology-led quality supplementary education to students, especially in Tier-2 to Tier-4 cities in India.

Vedantu offers live interactive classes and pre-recorded video lessons to school students across grades K-12 as well as test preparation classes for competitive university entrance examinations. Along with a strong emphasis on educational outcomes, Vedantu’s technological solutions ensure predictability, affordability, quality, and accessibility.

Since its founding, Vedantu has become the second-largest company in K-12 education in India in terms of revenue and number of students. It has provided access to quality digital content for an estimated four million users in 2021, of which more than 60% come from Tier-2 to Tier-4 cities. Over 35 million users access selected material from Vedantu through its app and website for free each month and its YouTube channel has received 65 million views.

In September 2021, ABC Impact led a Series E round of US$100 million in Vedantu. With ABC Impact’s support, Vedantu is expanding its services to lower income students by designing even lower cost packages. A key lever that has enabled Vedantu to achieve this is a push toward automation, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid phygital classrooms.

This case study was developed in partnership with Singapore Management University and Accenture.


Posted 27 April 2023

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