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Centre for  Impact Investing and Practices
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The Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (“CIIP”) fosters impact investing and practices in Asia and beyond. To achieve a sustainable future for all mankind, the world needs companies that can drive positive change at scale through products and services. Impact investing can spur the growth of such companies and help advance solutions to address the challenges the world faces today. We believe that sustainable companies are those who pursue social and environmental impact as avidly as they pursue market share and shareholder value. By striving to generate positive and measurable social and environmental returns alongside a financial return, both impact investors and companies can achieve returns with purpose. Our approach is anchored on fostering shared knowledge, building a connected community, and catalysing collective positive actions. We work with regional and global stakeholders to build knowledge assets and enhance capabilities, champion industry standards in impact investing and management practices, and convene stakeholders to bring about positive action in impact investing. As we work to enlarge the impact investing eco-system in Asia and foster Asian thought leadership in impact investing, we hope to bring about more positive actions that will increase private capital allocation from companies, investors, and philanthropists towards impact outcomes – for the well-being of communities in Asia and around the world. Based in Singapore, CIIP was established in 2022 as a non-profit entity by Temasek Trust, a steward of philanthropic endowments and gifts. To establish impact investing as an effective lever for sustainability, Temasek Trust launched ABC Impact, a private equity fund dedicated to impact investing in Asia, in 2019. Temasek established an impact investing team in 2021 with a mandate to generate positive impact for underserved communities while achieving market rate returns. Temasek and ABC Impact are our strategic partners. CIIP is SDG Impact’s anchor partner for Asia. SDG Impact is the United Nations Development Programme initiative tasked to develop resources that accelerate investments towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) by 2030. Through this partnership, Asia investors and businesses are provided with clarity, insights and tools that support their contributions towards achieving the SDGs.