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Scaling Impact in Asia

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This report, jointly developed by CIIP, Accenture, and Singapore Management University (SMU), serves as the first of many conversations we want to bring about: to raise awareness of the great work for impact which is already underway, and to convene further discussions on how we can collectively deliver even more impact in Asia, for Asia. Through this, and future work, CIIP aims to distil and equip more market participants, be it investors, companies, or others, to be able to drive more dollars to purposeful endeavours, measure impact achievements in a consistent data-driven manner and create a learning ecosystem in Asia for impact investing and practices. 

In this report, we provide an overview of the insights we have learnt from the field, introduce several case studies on the impact journeys of regional players, and propose ideas on how we can move the impact ecosystem forward. While this report focuses mainly on stories from investors and companies, as we continue our work to contribute to Asia’s impact ecosystem, we will seek to showcase perspectives from the broad range of important ecosystem actors, including standards setters, educational and training providers, third party assurers and service providers, networks, regulators, and others. As we move along the impact journey together, we will delve deeper into specific, pertinent impact topics and bring to life even more stories to inspire.


Posted 27 April 2023

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