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The War Against ESG

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ESG is under attack. From all sides.

At the most extreme end of the climate denier consensus we're seeing a flood of attacks accusing the ESG framework of being a conspiracy of the "woke".

At the more liberal end of the spectrum the accusation is that ESG has encouraged greenwashing, purposewashing, greenhushing and all manner of other tricks and obfuscations.

Those companies that are sincerely trying to clean up their operations along sustainable lines can be forgiven for getting increasingly nervous about the risks of falling foul of one side or the other.

On this episode of Risky Business Asia, Darian McBain and Teymoor Nabili are joined by Rajeev Peshawaria, the CEO of the Stewardship Asia Centre and author of the new book "Sustainable Sustainability: Why ESG Is Not Enough."

Listen here, and go to for more.


Posted 28 November 2023

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